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 Nature Picture of the month

  August  2017

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The Great Orme headland in North Wales is home to a herd of Kashmiri Goats and has been for more than a hundred years. Their story is an intriguing one with Royal connections.

Squire Christopher Tower of Brentwood in Essex discovered a herd recently imported from Kashmir to France and formed a notion to create a woollen industry. He purchased two of the beasts and transported them home to Weald Park where they flourished, produced kids and eventually enough wool to produce a cashmere shawl.

The shawl was much admired by King George IV and so Squire Brentwood gifted him a pair of goats. The successful royal herd roamed in Windsor Park. During Queen Victoria’s reign cashmere shawls became very fashionable. It is believed that the Shah of Persia presented the queen with more goats which joined the Windsor herd.

Two of the royal herd were acquired later in the century by Major General Sir Savage Mostyn of Gloddaeth Hall, Llandudno, North Wales and subsequently moved to the Great Orme probably because of their ability to forage in the most difficult and steep terrains. There they have remained ever since, roaming wild over the old sheep tracks and narrow ledges of the limestone cliffs.

Kashmiri Goat - Capra falconeri cashmiriensis